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This site policy specifies user responsibility when using the LMS

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Purpose of the Site Policy

The purpose of the LMS Site Policy is to specify user responsibilities and use of the LMS for the protection of all staff of Circadian Trust. The Site Policy applies both within and out of Circadian Trust premises.


  1. Keep your login details secure and do not share with any other users. Do not login as any other user.
  2. Do not leave your computer unattended whilst logged in.
  3. Log out of your session once you have finished using the LMS.
  4. Do not upload private, confidential or sensitive material.
  5. Do not post material which may be offensive, discriminatory or obscene. 


Privacy and personal data

In order to provide access to this LMS, we need to collect and store personal information about you.

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What is collected?

We collect the data that you provide when creating an account, such as firstname, lastname, email, department, site etc. If you are making use of activities such as forums, data is collected about your activity on the LMS, including any contributions that you make.

How is this information used?

Information is only used to provide access to courses and other features on this LMS.

How long is my data stored?

Your personal data is stored as long as your account is active on this LMS.